All Girl

All Girl
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If nothing less than completely and totally feminized is what you are looking for, the All Girl is the answer to your dreams. The All Girl offers a beautiful male to female transformation experience offering a total pussy look vagina style front with pretty little vulva lips. We know you are the type of girl who needs to be fucked in the ass on occasion (maybe daily), so we designed this style to be used with our wonderful custom anal stretchers. Vagina in front and spread open man hole in rear offers a perfect symmetry. Your retooled penis is completely reshaped into a perfect vagina and will, never the less, still be completely wet. Be as wild as you dare while walking around, hitting the beach, tanning in the yard or getting deep into the transformation process with this new design. The All Girl can be used for effective transformation with or without the plug. There is such a special feeling being able to go completely feminine while being so deeply penetrated. My guess is that the All Girl will be one of your favorite designs in no time.

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Price $35.95