BRAT Cutout Aluminum Paddle

BRAT Cutout Aluminum Paddle
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  • Item #: 6026BRAT

This one is for all the little BRAT's out there that need some discipllining.  Now when you get your bottom spanked, you'll be branded the brat that you are...  Our BRAT paddle is CNC machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum with the word Brat machined out of the center of the paddle.  Whoever is on the receiving end will have BRAT imprinted on their ass cheeks or wherever it strikes, letting the world know just what a little brat they are!  A solid 1/4" thick, its virtually indestructable. 

Approx 12" long overall and 3" wide

Comes with a removable black rubber handle cover.

Made in the USA

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Price $49.95