Black Magic

Black Magic
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The Black Magic shorts break all the rules. These are a great looking pair of sports, beach, and swim micro shorts with a nasty streak that runs between your legs and deep inside of you. These babies are an engineering feat. Shorts made for daring men who crave attention, stimulation and great looking spandex are all wrapped up in one very sexy design. I would highly recommend being very careful if you decide to wear these to the gym. Keep your legs closed while working on the machines and pass on the squats. These shorts are completely open between the legs. Adjustable built in cock ring.   The fit is very sporty with a sculptured narrow front pouch to support and display your package while the rear fits perfectly around the cheeks. Bend over, spread eagle or just sit down with your legs open and the view is second to none. The entire area between your legs is shaved and lovingly on display for all to see if you choose. As extreme as the shorts are, everything is still covered. The penis and the anus are nicely tucked away while still being part of the action at all times. The biggest problem might just be the multiple orgasms you will most likely be fighting off, or not. Black spandex four way stretch makes it hot, sexy comfort.

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