Blush Short Shorts

Blush Short Shorts
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The Blush shorts might just be the ultimate all around do everything go-to short shorts. Perfect as swimwear and designed to stay on even in big surf. Feverishly stylish sport shorts offer excellent support for playing beach volleyball, taking a nice run or as a cover up. They are nothing less than perfection. The Blush shorts are done in one of my favorite fabrics black matt finished rubberized spandex.  On top of offering a skin tight fit the fabric removes any imperfections you might have back there creating a perfectly smooth rear. The front of Blush has a sculptured bulge pouch that when blended with this fabric shows the excellent detail of your equipment. Used for swim or sports your penis head shape is displayed exceptionally well but not over the top. These short shorts are designed for public outdoor use or party fun. No big deal if you make a few people Blush.

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