BunnG Microkini Cockring Bunn-G Mens Bikini Thong

BunnG Microkini Cockring Bunn-G Mens Bikini Thong
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The BunnG is the newest, open front, looping design microkini available in the world. Hand crafted in the USA, it's a must have.  Made of durable 6 mm shock cord it can be worn alone (definately an eye catcher), under a thong, underwear or "commando" style under your pants. The built in cockring lifts and enhances your equipment. Very comfortable and erotic. Hand wash and line dry only.  Perfect to wearall day long under your clothes or with nothing at all and really get noticed!!  Feels like a thong...acts like a cockring!
Feedback from customers who've bought the BunnG:
"I love my BunnG.. The moment I put it on my cock turns rock hard and stays hard until I jack it off, have it sucked or fuck a tight ass. In any event cum will fly with you wear a BunnG"
"Wore my Bunng to work under bikini briefs the day after it arrived. Walking from the parking lot I felt like I was getting a hand job with each step. As I walked in to the lobby I was so aroused I went straight to my desk, dropped off my briefcase and almost ran to the washroom. I barely unzipped my pants before I came. The sensation wearing the Bunng was too good to be true."
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