Cellmate Chastity Device App Controlled Cell Mate CBT

Cellmate Chastity Device App Controlled Cell Mate CBT
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The Cellmate Chastity Device is placed onto the sub and then synced up with the CellMate app in order to give the Dom total control, from anywhere in the world, Until the device is unlocked.

Available in Regular (3.75" tube) and Long (4.75" tube) versions


CellMate App-Controlled Chastity Device Features:

* Worldwide control via app
* Keyless locking system
* Master controls unlocking single or multiple devices
* Submissive cannot cheat or escape
* Single player self-locking mode
* Real time geo location and status
* Long lasting battery life (8-12 months. The battery level can be monitored within the QIUI app, please start changing the battery when it reaches 10% battery level.  )
* Designed for long time wearing
* Ergonomic and breathable design


What's inside the package?
-Cage body (the device itself)
-2 secure rings (Rings are approx 1.75" & 2")
-Battery (one unit, installed within the cage body)
-User manual

-Cage body: Polycarbonate with neoprene surface finishing
-Secure rings: Metal

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