Grinder Micro Bikini

Grinder Micro Bikini
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  • Item #: GMB6633S

This is just my opinion (I hope it will be yours soon, too) but the Grinder Micro Bikini is one of the sexiest swimsuits on the planet. It is just so fucking hot! There is no other way to say it, but I hope I didn’t hurt your sensibilities. Let me add to that; it is hot and perfect. Well, let me add a little more. It is hot, perfect and highly stimulating! It has one of the best looking rear designs we have ever created. It has our finest matt rubberized look spandex, and it’s line will highlight your bodies beauty.  That said, we have created a design with a go anywhere look and feel. The Grinder Micro Bikini sports a nice large bulge pouch that is kept full.  Everything is pushed forward to create a perfect bulge.  We have worked very hard to design a fully penetrating bikini that is both sexy beyond imagination while still being perfectly useable at your favorite resort. We want you to expand your horizons, and we want you to have the best time ever wearing the world’s most extreme men’s swimwear. It is safe to say that The Grinder is right up there with our most extreme swimwear designs.

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Price $36.95