Lady Gear Shorts

Lady Gear Shorts
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Are you ready for the most amazing and complete male to female transformation?  If so, then The Lady Gear Shorts are ready to blow you away! With a hidden unique interior design that completely hides the shaft by compressing it into the body along with repositioning and reshaping the balls into a lovely little camel toe, the Lady Gear Shorts are the ultimate in feminization. Designed to wear and show off the feminized male form anywhere and everywhere, make sure you are ready for the most attention ever when you wear these. A high rise rear offers full coverage with just a hint of exposed cheek. I have found this design to be one of the sexiest and most erotic I have ever used. Form fitting in the rear, tight, four way stretch spandex wraps the body and the front pouch letting me channel my inner beach girl. The Lady Gear Shorts are perfect for the beach, great for the pool, and ready  to use while playing sports or working out. The effect is so perfect that your girlfriends will think you have a pussy. They are so transformative that you will agree!



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