Oxballs Link Cockring

Oxballs Link Cockring
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We have a couple Pitbulls running around at the OXBALLS' warehouse…you’d think they’d be good watchdogs…but no, they sleep most of the day on the sofa in the office…when someone comes to the doors they rarely even bark…if they get up at all.

But they do look mean and nasty, usually scare people when they first visit…they are hairy drooling smelly beasts…they eat too much, fart at inappropriate times, hump the leg of the UPS guy, piss all over the carpet, and get real excited when you take out their leash and collar (the same description covers all employees at OXBALLS btw).

When Tulip’s collar went missing, (yes, the Pit’s name is Tulip), and later turned up on Miguel in shipping...we took him for a walk around the warehouse complex…attaching the leash to his cockring…this inspired us to design a silicone chain-link cockring & ballstretcher.

A cockring that shackles your junk seems like a natural…looks super-hot with leather, levis, rubber…or even better, under a business suit in boxers…woof!

LINK cockring doesn’t pinch or dig into your junk…made of the same pure platinum silicone as our BULLBALLS ballstretchers, they stretch and flex, and warm up to body temp quick…our soft flex silicone feels amazing on your skin…

They look like real chain with all the dings, dents, and weld marks…the colors are all-new just for the LINK products:  the RUST color looks like rusty old iron chain…the SMOKE color is a dark metallic iron….ZINK looks like a shiny new chrome diesel pick-up truck bumper…BRONZE is a deep metallic gold, (a cockring for the gods)…

A fuckin chain-gang-bang…

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