Oxballs Trough

Oxballs Trough
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The bad boys at Oxballs have a NEW take on the classic teardrop-shape cockring. It squeezes the base of your meat keeping you HARD…and it keeps your balls firmly in their sack.

Made of FLEX-TPR, the same amazing stuff that the Cocksling is made of.

As you slide it on, the fit is loose and flexible, but then, as you stroke and get BONED, the Trough gently grabs your meat and potatoes.

Unlike cockrings that wrap around all your junk and push everything forward, Trough makes your junk THRUST out bigger and longer. Your dick stands up SEPARATE from your sack….so your balls can flop and swing around while you stroke.

And when you are fuckin’, Trough lets you get in DEEP while your nutts hang low and out of the way.

  • Patent pending 2010
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Price $34.95