Sex Doll

Sex Doll
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The Sex Doll is based on the One of the Girls male transformation swimsuit/underwear design, which is one of our all-time best sellers. Complete transformation with your exposed clit makes this style ridiculously enticing. Then we add in either the 1 1/2" or 2” custom anal stretcher plug to create excitement that is off the charts. This pouch design is considered to be the ultimate vagina style pouch by many customers who have tried transformation, are turned on by transformation or who live transformation as their lifestyle. The Sex Doll completely reshapes your penis into a stunning pussy. It is designed to show the lips completely covered, lips with a little exposed clit or lips with a lot of exposed clit depending upon how bad a girl you want to be. There are few things that feel as wonderful as a man having his pussy eaten for the first time. I enjoy having my Labia Minora licked, kissed and played with. Once you add in the feeling of being deeply penetrated and opened up wide by the anal stretcher, the pleasures are out of this world. To top things off, the Sex Doll is a vision of pure beauty


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Price $35.95