Sex Pistol

Sex Pistol
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The Sex Pistol is our take on an idea that was sent to us by a customer. When something interesting turns us on, we generally will try to do it. Keep those ideas coming! Immediately, I knew this design would make a fantastic sex style and could be a lot of fun to wear under your clothing to work. This creation is designed to keep your cock hard and in the ready position. Whether for masturbation, vaginal, oral and especially anal sex, the Sex Pistol with its adjustable cock strap and adjustable shaft strap will keep your penis held high and eagerly awaiting penetration. Speaking of penetration, the rear is completely open for business. There is nothing blocking your man hole here. Your unencumbered ass is ready for anything and everything thrown at it. Joyous fun is what the Sex Pistol is all about!

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Price $31.95