Slung from Oxballs

Slung from Oxballs
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We designed SLUNG after trying thick metal weighted ballstretchers and the old-style leather “parachute” ballstretchers.  We didn’t like the metal ones because the fit had to be just right for them to stay put and nothing hurts more than clamping down on tender ballsack skin with magnetic or screwed-together 2 part heavy metal.  

The leather and Neoprene parachutes worked sometimes, but they dig into your sack and are difficult to put on. 

We wanted a comfortable, stretchy, easy to put-on ball-stretching system that fits and can be worn for long stretching sessions…but one that also allows you to add or remove weight as you stretch or play, and it must stays in place as you play hard. 

SLUNG allows you to add or remove weight, it distributes the weight evenly around the sack…and if you need a break from torturing your stretched sack you can take the weights off and wear the silicone ballstretcher… 

The silicone is firm but stretches to slide your sack through…we suggest a light coating of water-base lube or spit.  If you already have low-hangers you can also add other ballstretchers above or below SLUNG for the ultimate amount of stretch 

SLUNG comes with 3 caribiners installed, perfect for our weight sets or for weights you already own.  We’ve also used SLUNG in bondage rope play running the rope through the clips to tie down points. 

SLUNG doesn’t dig into your sack, distributes the weight all around your low-hangers it’s easy to put on, comfortable for long play, allows you to add more and more weight as you progress in your sack-stretching… 


Pure Platinum Silicone

Made in USA

Comes with three polished aluminum 2” caribiners, weights sold separately  




These weights are simply the best...smooth machined stainless steel, polished with metal eye hang-hole large enough for a caribiner.  Slim so they hang well and don’t take up much space, (this is important when hanging from a parachute ballstretcher or our new SLUNG stretchy silicone ballstretcher).  The weights hang straight down under your ballsack. 


SLUNG has 3 hang holes with caribiners installed...this allows you to distribute weigh evenly around your sack.  So you get gentle or intense tug on your stretched out low-hangers--but unlike old leather or metal weighted toys this one doesn’t dig into your skin...probably the best and most comfortable system for stretching your ballbag...


These slick weights will not fall off, they stay securely clipped to SLUNG (or any ballstretcher that has loops or rings). 


***Weights are sold singly.  If you want 3 weights, you need to order a qty of 3, etc.

If you want just the Slung Silicone stretcher, please choose None for the weight selections options on all three options.  If you want just one weight, you would choose Option #1 weight, then Option #2 None, Option #3 None and the same if you want just two or choose weight options for all three if you want three weights.


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