Teardrop Cockring

Teardrop Cockring
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Teardrop Cock Ring

Our Teardrop Cockring is a very unique ring with a pleasant feel and an exceptional look.

Looking for an unusual but stylish alternative to the normal cock ring, then the Teardrop Cock Ring ithe perfect answer. With its pleasant smooth surface and its softly rounded inner and outer edges it glides gently on your penis and spoils you with a comforting feeling. Its teardrop-shaped protuberance gives it a pleasing shape and makes for a perfect fit on your link.

Design with many carrying options

Unlike other cock rings are various ways of applying at the Teardrop Cock Ring. Enter aligned the elegantly curved tongue, for example, to back down and enjoy the pleasant feeling in the perineal region. You can also create aligned and facing forward drops so that it supports your testicles gently. Just find out individually which version you like best.

Available sizes:

1 1/4"

1 1/2"

1 3/4"

1 7/8"


2 1/4"

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