Ballistic Combo Asslock

Ballistic Combo Asslock
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New from Ballistic Metal - The Ballistic Combo Asslock
Combining the best of both worlds (metal & silicone) to create an unbeleivable experience. Slip the silicone cockring over your cock & balls, then insert the butt plug into your rear end and feel the pleasure. The unique feel of the silicone connection between the cockring & butt plug is incredible and with every tug you'll feel the sensation. The cockring is made from 100% pure platinum silicone (no fillers or blends) and the buttplug is expertly machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum. 100% Made in the U.S.A.!
Available in Black
Butt Plugs are available Solid or with Thru Hole
Butt plug available in 4 sizes - Small (1 1/2"), Medium (1 3/4"), Large (2") & XLarge (2 1/2") (Size measured at the top of the plug)
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Price $110.00

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