LumiGlo Cockrings

LumiGlo Cockrings
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Fear the night no more with our Lumiglo Cockrings!  We have been searching for a while now to find a source of "glow technology" that could hold up to our high standards we finally found it.  The glow that these rings put off is amazing!  In a dark room, they actually emit a halo of light.  We left one of the rings in our warehouse overnight, and it was still glowing the next morning.  The pictures just don't do these rings justice.  These rings are precision CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum, polished to a brushed satin finish and then the "glow" strip inlay is hand applied to each ring.  And as always, proudly Made in the USA!

All size rings are 3/4" (.75) width.

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Price $39.95